Sometimes the best bet, is not to bet…

ASB Tips

On some days there is simply nothing on. There aren’t any popular leagues playing and you may find yourself scrolling down the Venezuelan Under 21 league, and lets be honest, who knows about that league? Can you really honestly say that you know about how the teams playing, what their form is like, if their top striker is out?

There is nothing wrong with having a day off betting, such as today (April 12th) there are 3 champions league games and pretty much nothing else. I will only bet on leagues that I know about, such as the top European leagues and then the English leagues, this is because I study them endlessly to find the best bets and best value. I would rather save my money rather than throwing money on a friendly or the Argentinian leagues etc that I know absolutely nothing about, because once again, this is the quickest way to lose your money. I recommend you save your money and bet on what you know. Below is a screenshot from sky bet showing games from Kuwait, Russia etc, avoid!

Also, with the 3 champions league games, there really isn’t any value around, such as Atletico Madrid being 1.30 to win etc. I wont tip games (in a single) that don’t have value, maybe in an accumulator but I always try to find the best value, and if there isn’t great value then just a really confident pick. This is the reason for me not tipping Champions League, because the value isnt great and also because I wont tip something I am not confident in.
DO NOT BET ON GAMES YOU MAY                                                                                                NOT KNOW ABOUT

With my tips, you will know that every single on is researched and I am confident in, in saying this, not every bet is going to win, gambling is called gambling for a reason, because it is a risk. This is why I wont tip every single day, because the major leagues/English leagues aren’t in play. However, this does mean that I am choosing quality over quantity and hopefully that speaks out to you, my followers, in that I am doing my best to provide quality tips for you and build a community where we can win together.

If you are still here, then thank you for reading.


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