Friday 28th April- A trip to Scotland and Ireland…

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Hello all,

A poor day on Thursday, the win double was let down by Anderlecht, somehow, they had 30 shots and still couldnt manage a goal! They had beaten their opponent in 9 H2H home games in a row and were unbeaten in 40 games at home, a bizarre result but it happens, moving onto today’s tips:

1. Ross County vs Inverness O2.5 MG @ 1.8 BOTD (3pts/£3)

2. Cork City Win and O2.5 MG @ 2.1 (2pts/£2)

Ross County vs Inverness O2.5 MG @ 1.8

Ross County have played 16 home matches, they have scored 21 and conceded 29, they have a match goal average at home of 3.1, the second highest in the league. This year at home they have had 11/16 games have O2.5 MG at 69%, this is joint top of the league. In their last 5 matches, they have all had over 2.5 MG showing that form wise it is a good bet to back, interesting all the games have had BTTS land too, so you can rely on both teams to help settle this bet, the scorelines were 2-2, 2-1, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2. They have only failed to score at home twice this year in the league, and have had BTTS land in 13/16 home games, plus they have only kept a clean sheet at home 6% of the time, and conceded in their last 14. So I more than expect BTTS/Overs to land here too.

Inverness have played 16 games, scored just 14 goals and conceded 32, which is an average of 2 per away game conceding. They have a match goal average away from home of 2.8. Out of the 16 games that they have played away from home this year, they have had O2.5 MG land 8/16 times, they have had it land also in their last 2 matches, scorelines of 4-2 and 3-0.

H2H this bet has landed on the last 5 of 7 occasions, plus both teams are teams that score and do leak goals, I am feeling really confident on this one, Ross County have had the bet land on the last 5 home games, plus you can count on them to score and concede, then it doesnt matter who gets the 3rd goal as long as there is on. My SP here is Ross County 2 Inverness CT 2.

Cork City/O2.5 MG @ 2.1

Cork have a 100% record this year, winning every single game they have played, also in the 10 home games they have played, they have obviously won all 10, scoring 26 at an average of 2.6 score per home game and only conceding 4 goals. They have a match goal average of 3. For O2.5 MG, this has landed in all 4 home games for Cork, scorelines of 3-0, 2-1, 2-1 and 4-0. Just to summarise Cork, won all their games, kept a clean sheet 50% of the time at home, 100% of home matches O2.5.

Bray are their opponents, they have played 5 away games, winning 3 and losing 2, scoring 12 and conceding 10. They have a match goal average away from home of 4.4. All of their away games have had O2.5 goals. Bray have not kept a clean sheet in those 5 matches but also havent failed to score in those 5 away matches, so they are also a good BTTS bet. Away from home, Bray have both goals scored and conceded averages of over 2, suggesting they score and concede frequently.

So, Cork who have won every game, all home games O2.5 vs an inconsistent Bray side who have scored and conceded every game away from home and had every game O2.5 goals too. The two sides have a massive match goal average, and with Cork winning 10 in 10, I expect them to make it 11/11. SP is Cork City 3-1.

That is all guys, please back responsibly and remember the staking plan. Please remember you can find other bets from my research too, I will personally be backing BTTS in both of these fixtures too, they are not the tips, but proof you can find other options from what I write.

Good Luck,

Tom (ASB Tips)

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