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Hello all,

I thought it was about time that I wrote another blog post and this is something I have wanted to do for a while, and that is basically making sure everyone is using the blog to its full advantage. This means really scaling through the posts to see if you can find any others bets, I purposely fill the tip reasonings with stats so you can see why I am backing what I have tipped, but this doesnt mean its the only bet you can find, such as I may mention that a team has had their last 5 home games BTTS but are also on a 5 game win streak, so you could back the win and btts market. Another example is the Getafe BOTD I had on Sunday, I mentioned that both teams had UNDER 2.5 MG 69% of the time, so you could also have backed that. I backed the Getafe win and under 2.5 goals and had that land at a lovely price of 3.4. One more example was that I mentioned Sparta Prague had lost just one game at home this season and had a really impressive clean sheet rate of 62%, so a bet you could have found there was Sparta Prague to win to nil. Other things you could find from the blog posts are things such as if a home team are averaging over 2 goals scored per home game, you could back O1.5 TG.

This post was just to show you that there are plenty of bets that you can find if you thoroughly read through the posts, I cannot tip everything, but I do stack the tip reasonings with stats so that you can hopefully also find some other bets, because even if the tips doesnt land, if you have a read through the blog and found BTTS and Overs could also be a good bet and it wins, then you have been successful. I know I personally can find two or three more bets in the games that I am tipping just from the research I put in.

UPDATE 15/5/17

Another thing, I do not tip inplays but it doesn’t mean I dont do them, you can also use my tips for inplay reasons, such as if I back a team to win and they go 0-1 down, then you can back DC or BTTS, like I did yesterday with the Sarpsborg game. Or if you know a team averages 3 goals a game from my stats and it is 1-0 at HT you could back O2.5 MG. There are endless possibilities, I rarely tip O1.5TG but if you see a team score above 2 goals per game and its 0-0 you could have that too.  I just thought I should mention that you can also use my research and stats for inplay use,

Thank you for reading, any questions, feel free to tweet me or DM me on Twitter: @ASBTips

Tom (ASB Tips)

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