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Hi all,
Time for a bit of a disappointing blog post, both for me and you guys. Yesterday (1.7.17) I was messaged by two people on Twitter saying that my ROI was wrong and that it isn’t 31.18% Now, I am not someone to be mad at this sort of thing so I thanked them and told them I would look into it. Unfortunately, after looking at it and also having a second opinion (CJ) they were to be correct.

What I did wrong:
When calculating the overall ROI (for my 3 months so far), I used a SUM formula in Excel which added those 3 ROI’s together. However this isn’t the correct way to calculate overall ROI. I found out I can either calculate an average ROI or a total ROI. I have decided to use a total ROI which is calculated by taking the total values from all months combined. This means total profit divided by total staked then multiplied by 100.

As you guys know I am not someone to fake anything, I am completely honest, I research all my tips, I back all my tips and I always show my PL tracker, and this was disappointing to find, but an easy mistake to make. Luckily it has been found and now I know that everything is correct. I also must have not formulated the Excel PL tracker correctly, all 3 have now been kindly done by CJ on my new tracker so you will see everything is correct. ROI for the months so far:
April: 24.52%
May: -22.73%
June: 20.24%

Sorry all for this mistake, if you have any questions feel free to tweet me.

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