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Hi all,

I mentioned the other night about if you had interacted with me then expect a DM, those that got the DM will know that I now have a Telegram channel. Basically, I only sent out the links to those who interacted with me on a regular basis, but now I am willing to open it up to more people. On Telegram I currently have 3 sections, a Group Chat where everyone can speak and then two channels, one where I post my personal pre match bets and then also a channel for my personal inplay bets, the inplay bets are rare as I am not always free to look what I can find and I also only advise on inplays above 1.90 but aim for evens, I wont just place any old rubbish as it is my own money, but also yours and it would be poor of me as a tipster to give you a heads up on something that I am not confident on.

I have had some DMs from people saying whats the point in Telegram etc, I decided to open Telegram so I could interact without having to spam peoples twitter feed, this is the same sort of thing which the Jag has done with his Slack account, which I am also part of. This way if you do not want to be part of the group chat or the bet channels then you dont have to be and it also keeps the constant tweets off your timeline, as I know a lot of you follow tipsters such as myself for tips and not to have a chat etc.

If you are interested in joining the channels then give me a DM on twitter saying which channels you want to be involved in, there is Group Chat, Personal Pre Match and Personal Inplay. Then as soon as I am free I will send the links over.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Tom (ASB Tips)

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