Time for a step back.

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Hi all,

Recently I have been on a really poor run, you guys know how much effort I put into the tips that I post and that isnt being rewarded currently. As a tipster, I think it is only fair on you guys that I take some time off, or at least dont tip daily or even weekly. I know a lot of you dont expect daily tips but any tips take a lot of time and effort and at the moment I have lost all motivation, it is not that I have given up, but because one of the main reasons of betting has gone, and that is the fun factor. Betting isnt meant to be about making a quick buck as they say, like CasualGambler says it is a marathon not a sprint, betting is about having fun and being responsible. Currently, I am not having fun, researching bets has become a chore and no longer fun for me, yes if I was winning bets I would still be motivated but on the run I am on I just need some time away from betting (daily betting is not the way to go).

Just to clear some things up, I amĀ not quitting as a tipster, I just will not be tipping near amount as much. I will be thinking about my strategy and trying to focus my bets around singles (1.6 above) this is what I did really well in my first month in April. Once my confidence and motivation comes back then you will get more bets, but I will be trying to avoid ropey leagues and focus on what is my bread and butter, the English leagues.

Some of you may be disappointed by my decision, but it is for the best for both me and you, betting is meant to be enjoyable, but at the moment, it isnt for me. Tweet me if you have any questions/feedback.


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