Hanging up the gloves?

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Hi all,

Obviously by the title you will know what this is about. I am currently deciding whether to stop being a tipster. It has been great fun while it has lasted with my account reaching nearly 1400 followers within 6 months which is an astonishing feat that I never thought I would reach. You may be thinking why Im thinking about stopping, the simple reasons are that I am starting to feel like this is more of a chore now, like I’m not in the mindset I need to be, yes I enjoy it I find myself researching bets and dont quite get that buzz anymore, not like I did when we smashed April but of course this is also due to the results not coming, especially all the hours put into this.

The second reason is more because of you guys, I am not making you money. If you started with £100 in April following my tips, you would now be sat on £88.83, which to me is embarrassing, to not be in profit after 6 months is abysmal. You guys know now how honest I am, I am not going to fake results to make myself look better and have always admitted when its been a bad month, but out of the 6 months I have been doing this only 3 have been profitable, to be honest we have had some rotten luck along the way but I also should have been more disciplined and stayed away from leagues like Sweden, Norway, USA etc, because although I can research them, I dont fully know about them e.g. their schedule, whos injured, how they compare with teams in the league, I could analyse this properly for all the English leagues, thats why we had such a good April, interestingly though April was the most successful and also the lowest average odds, so maybe because I am someone who tries to tip winners at odds @ 2.50 etc then this is why we arent finding as many, you guys know I wont tip at below 1.60 but maybe I need to look at more bets that equal up to 1.8 or singles at 1.63 for example. because maybe thats the best way to make consistent profit?

I am really unsure what to do guys, do I carry on tipping but only on the top leagues or do I carry on as a fresh start and hope we return to form?  Currently I am taking a break for at least December, I really just need a break away from this. I will keep you updated on what i decide to do. If you are still reading this then thank you, any feedback is appreciated, DM me or tweet me @ASBTips

These guys will look after you while I’m gone:

JaguarTips, Boring Winners, Enigma Footy Tips, CJ Betsmarter and BashTheBookies just to name a few.


1 thought on “Hanging up the gloves?”

  1. If I was you 🤔… I would search bets within the range of 1,6 – 1,8
    I’m doing this for the last two months and my roi is about 15%. Not very high but it’s profit. These bets are doubles and trebles. Trebles are around 1,25 each. Doubles are around 1,35 each. My winrate is around 67%, so this is profit.
    It’s something like Tipster Wizard does, Sometimes I place his bets or I make my own bets with his tips. I follow also Top Boys Tips with his doubles (odd +2), he does this really good, a win rate of 50% is profit.

    Think about Tom, try something like this for your own and maybe we’ll see you again in 2018.

    It was a pleasure knowing you, chatting with you!

    Wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


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