1.1.18- A New Beginning.

ASB Tips

Hi all,

Hope you all have a very happy new year and hopefully not too many sour heads when you awake in the morning! After having December off and working on a few things behind closed doors, such as the way I tip and using different research. I am hoping we will return to winning ways this month, I am going to trial a new system which is basically just having singles and doubles that equal around evens, of course this doesnt mean that if a good bet comes up at 3/1 I wont take it, but I mean trying not to worry about the odds at what I tip, sometimes I will see something @ 1.6 and dont feel I can tip it as a single but I am going to change that this month. What I am going to trial is 3 picks from the main league and mostly singles, so this could be 1 BTTS pick, 1 Overs pick and one O1.5 TG pick. Also, seeing as the English leagues are well underway they are becoming ‘hopefully’ more predictable which will see the return of BOTD. This will see more points staked and cuz it is lower odds maybe less points profit, but lets see what we can do. All prices are from Marathon Bet.

  1. Wigan O1.5 TG @ 1.63 3pts
  2. Rotherham vs Blackburn BTTS @ 1.75 1pt
  3. Oxford vs MK Dons O2.5 MG @ 1.86 1pt

Others that came close to selection was Bristol Rovers O2.5 MG, Stevenage vs Cheltenha, BTTS and Coventry O1.5 TG.

Good Luck!
Tom (ASB Tips)

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