3.3.18- Card Selections

ASB Tips

Hi all,

These are my shortlist bets for today (taken off the one(s) I picked) PLEASE look into these bets and do your own research before placing, green means I am confident and the bet has met criteria and yellow means I feel like the bet has a good chance but does require more looking into as could go either way etc. Hopefully you can use these selections to build bets from Pre match or even catch the inplays, such as games that are short odds that you wouldnt touch pre match you could go inplay if it gets to a good price. Also the * means to watch inplay as odds were short/was close to being tipped As always, good luck. As it is Saturday and I have had more time to log research, the green bets full research is also posted below on a PDF . As always, good luck.

Card full research



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